Garland produces just the right sound for you!

As a voice-over professional, Garland is available for many different types of media projects. His voice has a bass to tenor range, and can become just the sound you’re looking for.

Garland produces

• Commercials and promos 
• E-Learning and explainer videos
• Corporate or industrial presentations… and more!

 You Want…? 

Announcer, Attitude, Authoritative, Amusing, Believable, Caring, Classy, Concerned, Conversational, Corporate, Deep, Executive, Friendly, Genuine, Happy, Hard Sell, High Energy, Informative, Interviewer, Motivational, Narrator, Natural, Newscaster, Mature, Ominous, Religious, Romantic, Sincere, Sophisticated, Smooth, Softspoken, Sportscaster, Storyteller, Superhero, Technical, Thoughtful, Upbeat, Warm.

I can do that!

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