Looking for an honest, authentic, person who is easy to get along with and has great talent?


I know your busy and you need someone who can deliver the right inflection, excellent quality, and prompt service WHEN YOU NEED VOICE OVER SERVICE.

I TELL YOUR STORY, whether it’s in 30 seconds or 30 minutes. I’ve been told I have “good pipes” which is just a way to say that I can give you a good sound with a variety of emotions to match whatever sound you’re after. I’m told that I take direction well, so when you tell me what you want, I make it sound just like you want it.

No matter the project, I am PROFESSIONAL, kind, respectful, and prompt. I return calls as soon as possible too!

Relationships are important to me. I’d rather help you than merely get a check (don’t get me wrong, now). I know you’ve got deadlines, so my promise is to deliver your recording to you ASAP. My rates are competitive and I give you CLEAR COMMUNICATION throughout the process. I work with quality equipment, Rode NT1-A microphone, so I can give you a great SOUND. I want to earn your long-term business, not just a one-time project. I’ll go to great lengths to make you happy because YOU MATTER TO ME.

Reach out to me anytime! WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER!

Garland’s voice has a good range from bass to tenor. It’s just the sound you’re looking for! With the convenience of a recording studio on-site Garland can produce your voicing and usually get it to you within 24 hours!

Garland creates commercials, E-learning, explainer videos, narration, and more…

Send me a message at garland@garlandvandyke.com. Let’s Get Started!!

Garland lives in Friendswood, TX. It’s on the southeast side of Houston.

“I enjoy laughing, helping folks from the heart-side out, acting, and watching movies. 

Let’s Do This!  |  Contact Me!  | (432) 305-4752

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